Mr. Antony Jacob's Interview in NDTV

Antony Jacob, Interview of 15 Questions in 15 Minutes

Antony Jacob, Chief executive officer, Apollo Munich Insurance Company 15 questions in 15 minutes

1. Tell us about your job in a sentence  
I am excited and pleased to run the fastest growing health insurance company, perhaps the fastest growing industry in India. Personally, it is very satisfying to think that I have a role as an individual and as a corporate to bring in a difference to someone’s life.  

2. What does your secretary think about you?  
Antony begins every task with careful consideration of all aspects of the project at hand and this is the one thing that enables him (and his team) to prepare extremely well and be confident for every project undertaken by the company under his leadership. Also, his vast experience about the industry is remarkable… (this is what his secretary writes)

3. What’s the smartest business idea you have ever had?   
Identifying with the thought of ‘let’s uncomplicate’ and walking the talk as an organisation.  

4. And the most embarrassing?  
Nothing as such, I can remember.  

5. Who has been your biggest influence?   
I have started to believe that everyone is unique inside. Whenever I meet and interact, be it at office or while travelling, everyone leaves me something to learn or be influenced. I think it is a constant process.  

6. How important is money to you?   
Reasonably important and a great enabler.  

7. What is your most important work ethic or maxim that you practice every day?  
Integrity is the first among all equals and I value it to the highest level. However, I also believe that you should enjoy what you do.  

8. Has your personal life suffered due to work?  
In the past I tended to think so. But recently I have managed to bring in the balance.  

9. How do you want you to be remembered by your colleagues?  
I want to be remembered as a motivational leader who walks the talk.  

10. What time do you start and finish work?  
Formally on all working days between 9am and 6pm. However, as a habit I am available round the clock on need basis.  

11. What is the most valuable memento in your office?  
 I have a hand crafted statue of Jesus Christ in my office that I value the most.

12. Does retirement scare you?  
No. Not at all.

13. Have you been ever been tempted to start out on your own?

14. What do you hate the most at work?  
In some cases when I had to deal with unethical behaviour of individuals.  

15. How do you unwind?  
I am an avid lover of all kinds of sporting activities. I mostly unwind by watching sports, news and movies. On the weekends, I tend to engage in various sports, games and of course, socialising.

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